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Wish Lists

Open Wishes

Copy & Paste of layers in qgis legend/toc. This is a gigantic productivity booster. Allows having similar layers very quickly. eg when building maps where visibility is controlled by scale. Avoids having to connect to postgis, load same table, defining properties, over and over again. (copy/paste of style is nice but not quite enough some times)

duarte carreira

I wishe some improvements for map composer user interface.

I would like to make some suggestions about some improvements for further release of QGIS:
1. Scale bar plugin: As implemented in Qgis the scale bar can be displayed in degree units in map canvas, without any possibility to change units in other units as meter, or km. I wish that qgis developers focuse in this issue by improving the plugin, which will allow the user to display units by displaying scale bar in meters or kms

2. My second wish is related to SVG export plugin which allow users to export their map project to design software to make final maps. I suggest for the implementation of the plugin to allow the capability of the plugin to export map layers by separating them in the SVG output file. This allows the user to better work with the layers. ESRI ArcMap implemente this when exporting map layout as SVG, Illustrator AI or PhotoShop PSD. For QGIS I guest that this could be done using Inscape and / or The Gimp. It would be very appreciated to integrated the two files formats (vector and raster)

3. The third thing I wish to be considering for the further release is the add-on of some thematic mapping using standard classification schemes like Natural break (Jenk’s), Quantile, standard deviation inside Graduated symbol. This is an analytic function which is commonly used in GIS analysis.

  • Suggestion 3 has now been implemented, and will be available in a Future version of QGIS (as of Oct 2010).

To finish I would like to thank you all for the greatest job your are doing, allowing a large GIS community to access to a rich GIS desktop for free.

Good Hackfest

From bstempi:

I also want to thank you for all of your hard work! Here are a few suggestions I have for polishing the UI:

1. The UI should have the option of pre-rendering some data off-screen for smooth panning. This is useful in cases where the data is known to be static (or close enough to static) and should not have to be totally re-rendered in between requests. If this is implemented, then there should also be a refresh button for re-rendering the data that is currently on and off screen.

2. When the Layers window is un-docked, it would be nice to be able to minimize it, etc, so that it's not constantly the user's way when map browsing.

3. When a layer is checked/unchecked in the Layers window, the Layers window should lock until the operation is completed or stops. Currently, if one box is (un)checked during a rendering operation, that action is effectively ignored.

4. It would be kind of cool if the layers rendered in real-time and in tiles. This way, a user can get instant gratification when map viewing instead of waiting for the slowest layer to render before displaying the map. Depending on how things are coded, this may even lead to a speed increase when rendering.

Once again, thanks for everything you've done. Keep up the good work! QGIS keeps on getting better and better thanks to all of you on the project!

From thomsec:

1. More control over symbology. In addition to classification methods as suggested above it would be nice to have more built-in color ramps like elevation and bathymetry. It would be nice to be able to create and edit color ramps as well.

2. It would be nice to be able to combine multiple fields to create more complex labels, as well as being able to export those labels as a linked or stand-alone layer. Implemented in Master late 2011

Thanks for all the great work.

From lupo!

i think the georeference tool needs some small improvement:

1) it would be nice if there would be a snap tool for snapping the edges of an image

2) a loupe tool (with gcp picking functionality) would also be pretty useful

thank you for great open source gis!

from clag:
The feature Show Feature Count, right click menu on legend, as choice in Option/Canvas and Legend Menu, for all layer


I really would like to see an updated standalone installer for windows. Particularly one that includes Grass and all necessary libraries. It might be expected from us users that we are able to perform our own advanced installs with the OsGeo4W installer but I am quite sure I am not the only one having problems with that. Just a few searches in forums and mailing-lists shows how troublesome that installation is.


I really like qgis and try to spread the qgis-word to every one in the GIS world. I think most regular GIS-users will benefit from trying Qgis since the first learning step is very low, it simply is a quick-start-software and supports a lot of data formats. Unfortunately, quite a few of the ones I have convinced to try QGIS gave up due to the troublesome installation procedures. They liked what they saw on my machine and wanted to try out by themselves but gave up when the installation failed... For me, I manage to get the software running with help from the standalon installer and that is fine. But it is very much annoying to see the plugins you have waited for a long time and then realise I can not use it because the necessary libraries are not included in the standalone install.

I really wish that someone could make complete and very well tested standalone installers. We ordinary users might be experienced in using GIS but still quite helpless when it comes to software administration. My message: QGIS is such a nice software that I think most GIS-people who tried it would enjoy it - if only there was a way for the regular user to get a working installation.

Implemented Wishes

  • Measuring distance enhancements: Should be able to change the colour and thickness of the line, since it is currently thin and black and blends in with the roads on some of the topo maps produced.
    :*QGIS1.0*: Color can now be customized.
  • From Ttamba: Map Composer

:1. Adding drawing capabilities allowing users to easily build and design map template using line or polyline drawing, polygones, points. Actually using line or polyline is not possible when designing map template using map composer
:2. Free text adding and editing should be implemented to give the flexibility to user edit text inside map template frame

::Both are possible in QGIS 1.6 (and probably even earlier).--Anitagraser 07:53, 2 April 2011 (UTC)