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8220Feature requestClosedNormalAdd XLS and KMZ in Ogr supported file filter AND browser 2019-02-05 10:18 PM
11158Feature requestClosedNormalBeing able to choose the project file .qgs panel "Browser"2019-02-05 10:17 PM
19875Feature requestClosedHighDeleting multiple GPKG tables from Browser only deletes a single table2019-02-05 10:08 PM
20722Feature requestClosedNormalMesh layers could show 'mesh' icon in Layers panel?Peter Petrik2019-02-01 03:39 PM
20130Feature requestClosedNormalIdentify tool does not work on mesh layerPeter Petrik2019-02-01 03:19 PM
15536Feature requestClosedNormalSupport for osgEarth 2.8 in Globe pluginPirmin Kalberer2019-02-01 09:21 AM
11264Feature requestClosedNormalCascading controls in forms2019-01-31 09:07 AM
10319Feature requestClosedNormalCopy canvas content as image2019-01-30 05:46 AM
20143Feature requestClosedNormal No mesh layer entry in layer menuPeter Petrik2019-01-28 01:10 PM
21083Feature requestClosedLowGeoPackage Raster WEBP support2019-01-26 11:55 PM
11988Feature requestClosedNormalExport to DXF using selected 'On-the-fly' CRS2019-01-26 10:15 PM
18101Feature requestClosedNormalAdd a comment field in DB Manager2019-01-23 03:26 PM
7556Feature requestClosedLowSymbol layers are a bit confusing2019-01-22 04:47 AM
11854Feature requestClosedNormalSymbol size definition : width and heigth2019-01-22 04:46 AM
13409Feature requestClosedNormaltext into layout legend symbol2019-01-22 04:45 AM
13564Feature requestClosedNormalRemove or Define the Blank Category in Categorized Symbology2019-01-22 04:45 AM
6237Feature requestClosedNormalShow feature count in composer legend2019-01-22 04:44 AM
15862Feature requestClosedNormalAdd size assistant feature to arrow symbol GUI2019-01-22 04:44 AM
12879Feature requestClosedNormalisSelected operator to define expression baswesd style on selection2019-01-22 04:36 AM
20159Feature requestClosedHighSinglepart to Multipart2019-01-21 12:07 PM
21047Feature requestClosedNormalNight Mode2019-01-20 10:24 PM
20992Feature requestClosedNormalSpecify project file through a FastCGI paramÉric Lemoine2019-01-15 09:02 PM
8743Feature requestClosedNormalField calculator: allow "Formula" to receive a value from a "Number" parameterVictor Olaya2019-01-15 05:37 PM
21004Feature requestClosedHighHow to create point along road centre line with offset valueAlexandre Neto2019-01-15 05:11 PM
21003Feature requestClosedNormalInterface Customization - ActionMoveFeature Missing2019-01-15 02:32 PM

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