Bug report #1170

Updated by Paolo Cavallini over 3 years ago


When trying to download or upload gpx information from/to a GPS device, nothing happens (error reported about invalid layer when downloading). In order to get gpx download or upload support, you have to manually code the path to the gpx file in the GPS Device settings. E.g., to get a waypoint layer loaded from the GPS device, I have to click on the device settings, go to waypoint download and make the line look like this:

%babel -i garmin -o gpx -f com4 -F "C:\\Documents and Settings\\User Name\\Desktop\\test.gpx" You have to hit "update device" to get this setting to stick. Then I have to fill in the "Save as" box in the main GPS tools dialog with the path to the above test.gpx file. I tell qgis to call the new layer "test", but anything will work here.


In OS X, nothing shows up under Port, so you have to code the port into the device settings. In my case, with a serial to usb device, I replace %in (for a download from gps device) with -f /dev/cu.usbserial-ftCASM51. I also had to add -F before %out to get the transfer to actually save the gpx file to disk. (I'm thinking that -F should be added to the %out or %in strings in the C++ code for this plugin.)

Possibly a dev can test this with gps emulation software. The only link for Windows I found was a commercial software with a 14-day free trial called gpsgate.