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no tiff support in Ubuntu 11.04 with ubuntugis gdal (1.8.0)

Added by Mayeul Kauffmann almost 13 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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libgdal1-dev for Natty from ubuntugis now provides gdal 1.8.0 only which seems not compatible with the code base or some package (does the code links to libtiff 3.X ?)
Trying to open a geotif from latest Quantum-GIS-3eb0d66 (release-1_7_0 downloaded Sunday 15 May at 13:08) gives:

"/path/file.tif is not a valid or recognized data source
WARNING ! libtiff version mismatch : You're linking against libtiff 3.X but GDAL has been compiled against libtiff >= 4.0.0"

The guys from orfeo toolbox seems to have the same issue since about 11th of May, when "gdal 1.8 debian package has been pushed to ubuntugis-unstable repository for all ubuntu versions." The consequence being "the otb packages cannot open a TIFF any more". See:

Installed is: libtiff4-dev (3.9.4-5ubuntu6)


#1 Updated by Mayeul Kauffmann almost 13 years ago

The only non standard repositories that I use are those 3:
deb http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu natty main #Third party developers repository
deb http://qgis.org/debian-nightly natty main
deb-src http://qgis.org/debian-nightly natty main

I installed qgis following the INSTALL guide, and my following home-made script to automate downloading and compile:

Other related link (with posts from Andreas Neumann) which mentions the problem of code linking to libtiff 3.x (not sure whether it is relevant):

#2 Updated by Jürgen Fischer almost 13 years ago

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Looks like a problem with GDAL packaging in the ubuntugis repository.

#3 Updated by Mayeul Kauffmann over 12 years ago

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Is there an alternate way to have qgis 1.7.0 with full tif support on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty?

I could not get this done using any of the repository here.


#4 Updated by Giovanni Manghi over 12 years ago

I have made many Natty fresh installations and no problems whatsoever with geotiffs.

#5 Updated by Mayeul Kauffmann over 12 years ago

Could you please post relevant parts of your sources.list here and the result of the following?

dpkg -l gdal* 
dpkg -l qgis*


#6 Updated by hamish - over 12 years ago

ubuntu 11.04/natty ships libgdal1-1.6.0 (pkg ver 1.6.3-4) as the default.

ubuntugis's PPA supplies libgdal1-1.8.0, taken (?without change?) from debian/experimental.

both libraries may co-exist on the disc. Not sure which gdal-bin pkg will get installed, but you can probably choose that yourself.

possible solution: in qgis's debian/control file build-depends against libgdal-dev <= 1.7.


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