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QGIS crashes with on the fly reprojection enabled, project in "google mercator" and vector in wgs84

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Crashes QGIS or corrupts data: Copied to github as #:12967


I will describe two behaviours, the latter causes QGIS tro crash.


*) download the world borders shapefile


add it to qgis and then configure the project properties with "On the fly reprojection" enabled and the CRS as "Google Mercator".

The vector never shows and QGIS keeps telling "invalid scale".


in a new project add the world borders shapefile and then extract a country (select the country -> save as...) and then add it to qgis. You will have the extracted country above the world borders shapefile.

Now change the project CRS to "Google mercator" and enable "On the fly reprojection". Evrtyhing will go out of sight, but if you do "zoom to layer" on the single country layer you will see the country and the underlying world borders shapefile.

Now start to zoom out, at some point QGIS crashes with

Fatal: ASSERT: "std::abs( r_d ) > SMALL_NUM && std::abs( r_n ) > SMALL_NUM" in file /build/buildd/qgis-1.5.0/src/core/qgsclipper.h, line 270

I'm under Ubuntu 10.04 and QGIS 1.5.


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Ad 1: The "cause" of problem is the Antarctic. I think it's a duplicate to #3081.

Ad 2: That also works for the original layer, if you select a country in the attribute table and zoom to it. It will crash after some zooming around, never the less, leading us back to the original problem.

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