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python support not enabled after install

Added by Roberto Comune Boffelli Comune almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

Affected QGIS version:3.6.1 Regression?:No
Operating System:Windows 7 Easy fix?:No
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Crashes QGIS or corrupts data:No Copied to github as #:29790


as the subject report ...
I have (or better the informatic service IT of my company where i'm 'employed')
to install the all possible version of QGis installers (32 or 64 ... stand alone and web installation... and more
various version of QGis 'last weekly version' and 'long term/stable release version')

but every time (afer the conclusion of the installation process) i have the same problem ......
at start the QGis app show me a 'strange error' concerned 'a strage import operation' of a module

qgis._core (is the 'underscore' that appaire to me to be strange .... because there is the qgis/core ... modules folders
but opposite there isn't qgis/_core folders) ....

the consequences of this .... are that QGis block every Python usage and after the 'bad start' of the application
i don't have any support to use Phyton .... (console and etc)

why it happen with all possible installer versions? ... it strange no? am i the only one with this problem?
are made a wrong installation?

thank you
have a nice day


Error_on_QGIS_Start.Jpg (217 KB) Roberto Comune Boffelli Comune, 2019-05-02 11:58 AM


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This is probably, of course, not a general issue. Have you checked if the same installers work as expected on a machine that is not in your administration (i.e. you sure that there isn't something in your work machines that makes the installation not complete?)?

#2 Updated by Roberto Comune Boffelli Comune almost 5 years ago

it's true that a 'complete installation' wasn't ended ccorrectly ... but not for my fault ....
it happen that ....
1. the entire/complite set of files were installed/copy correctly ......
2. the problem (and it is another little bug) .... reside in the post_installa.bat file (logic/behaviour/actions)
at the end it try to install the variuos c++ runtimes ..... a little bug reside in a possible situation that
you have already installed (for example) the version c++_Runtime_2010.exe .... and the post_install.bat still
retry to launch an new installation ... this second and 'superflous' installation is launched with
the 'quite/hide' parameter (maybe if i remeber corretly is /Q ) .... and the mask that, teorically, shuold be
appaire ..... that is used to confirm an overwrite installation or cancellation of that ..... don't appaire. .....
with the conseguence that the last installatione (post_installation.bat) will be blocked .......

3. but the bug just reported above, should be disconnect from a bug reported in the primary post .... because,
theorically.... the qgis._core error .... should be connected to the deficit to don't have make a copy of the
'teorìcally' "\qgis\_core" files ..... no? .... and more, sometimes on some documentation page or in problem posts
is present the same thing/problem ....

pls if u have any ideas pls follow this post seriously.

have a nice day

#3 Updated by Giovanni Manghi almost 5 years ago

pls if u have any ideas pls follow this post seriuosly.


I'm not able to follow completely your last comment, anyway I still think that this is possibly a local issue of your particular work environment. But I'll leave to a developer/packager to confirm it or not.

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