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Attribute Actions Problem

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I am using Mimas 1.3.0 (do not have the build version handy) on windows installed using the stand alone installer, installed on laptop with Windows XP pro operating system. I don't know how to assign this issue to a component - I don't know which component the actions feature is associated with. I also don't understand the difference between the milestone and the version in the ticket submission panel so i hope this ticket will make sense.

I am having a strange problem with the attribute action feature. I want to be able to play videos or view pictures associated with various points in my layer. I have input the path to vlc on my machine (in quotes) and then the path to the file (in quotes) using the % argument to get the value in the attribute: "C:\\program files\\videolan\\vlc\\vlc.exe" "c:\\pics_n_vids\\%" is the action.

In my specific situation, I have 3 video attributes and 3 picture attributes (the value of each being the name of a video or picture file). So, I should be able to simply right click on one of those values from the Identify Results window and choose the action that I have called View.

This worked perfectly fine in 1.0.1 KORE. But in 1.3.0 Mimas, something strange happens. The value that is sent to the VLC video player is not necessarily the value that I selected from the Identify Results window. The attribute values are correctly associated with the attribute name in the Identify Results window (i.e. video1 is shown to contain the correct filename as I included when I created the layer, etc.) but the value that gets sent to the player can be the value from any of the other attributes listed in the Identify Results window.

Now if I select the video1 attribute value to be played, QGIS can send the attribute value (ie the filename) associated with any of the other attributes. So I might have to select the value associated with video1 attribute so as to view the picture file associated with picture2 attribute, for example, or select the value displayed for picture3 so as to be able to play video1. I am working from layers stored in PostGIS.

I have tried to find any related issue on the forums but have not seen this situation discussed so I am submitting this as a ticket.

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fix #2138

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fix #2138

git-svn-id: http://svn.osgeo.org/qgis/trunk@12225 c8812cc2-4d05-0410-92ff-de0c093fc19c


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not sure when it was broken, but afef34a4 (SVN r12226) should fix it.

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