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Auxiliary storage fields should not use the hidden widget but the attribute table hidden column property

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The auxiliary storage (and more generally, QGIS) has the ability to know the best widget that fits the property being edited. However, when working with properties that can also be edited with map tools (eg labels toolbar), their widgets are hidden by default.
This is described in documentation:

Once created, auxiliary fields may be edited through the attribute table. However, there’s some subtlety about widgets of auxiliary fields.

For example, auxiliary fields which may be edited through an external tool are not visible in the attribute table. This way, as the Rotation may be edited through "Change Label" or "Rotate Label", the auxiliary widget is Hidden by default (see Edit widgets). However, as the Opacity field cannot be edited thanks to map tools, the corresponding widget is not Hidden.

In order to hide these widgets, they are applied the Hidden widget type, meaning that if someone wants to manually edit some properties, he has to go to the layer properties --> form tab and manually chosse another widget type (and not necessarily pick the most appropriate). I think we are here losing some benefits from the intelligence of QGIS.

This behavior also contradicts (citing doc)

Moreover, auxiliary fields representing a Color have a widget Color set by default.

but this is not true because eg the label color (modifiable through map tools) has hidden widget applied.

So, instead of using the Hidden widget property that automatically hides the ability to pick the best widget, why not use the Hidden property from the Attribute table --> Organize columns option?
Having tried, I notice that the fields are not propagated in the attribute table form view and wonder if it's a bug or a design (in which case, why I would want to see a field in table but not in form view). Maybe a separate bug report?

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