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QGIS 1.1 gets the order of items in the layer window out of sequence if dragging a folder too fast.

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When working in QGIS 1.1, I have found that when I add a new layer to the layer stack, and later try to move it down the stack, the ;ayer will cause every folder to expand. This gets annoying.

To solve this, I have in my setup a "tmp" group, and I will place layers to be moved into it. I will then grab and move the whole group to a position next to a targeted folder group, and then I will transfer the layers to their final home. The problem with this is, I have to move the temp folder, or any folder/layer for that matter, slowly. Otherwise, QGIS will actually cause the order of layers to get out of whack.

Think of it this way, if I have a layer stack like this (the + mark indicates a folder group, each with vector layers inside):


And if I click/grab the "+tmp" folder, and quickly move it down the list, then in addition to "+tmp" moving down the list, one might find say, "+de-borders" moving up to be in-between "+md-water" and "+va-water". Usually, this happens to multiple folders/layers simultaneously, requiring one to go back and re-order the layering, which in a large layer stack, can be a tedious process.

If you need any kind of debugging output to pin down this problem, let me know.


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This is duplicate of #1637

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