Bug report #17687

3D causes crash when restoring project with docked 3d window

Added by Tim Sutton over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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I have my favourite 3d project. Recently I docked the 3d window and saved the project. Now whenever I open the project, QGIS crashes. I am attaching the full stdout from my qt-creator session here. It looks like it is crashing while looking for a dem that is not loaded yet but I could be wrong....

3d-crash.txt Magnifier - STDOUT during crash (228 KB) Tim Sutton, 2017-12-13 01:08 PM

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Revision c9dba998
Added by Martin Dobias over 6 years ago

[3d] Fix a crash when restoring a project with bad layer ref (fixes #17687)


#1 Updated by Tim Sutton over 6 years ago

Manually editing the project file and removing this snippet fixes the crash:

    <view x="386" floating="0" height="437" y="525" name="3D Map 1" width="920" area="8">
        <origin x="449605" z="0" y="6.2369e+6"/>
            <proj4>+proj=utm +zone=34 +south +datum=WGS84 +units=m +no_defs</proj4>
            <description>WGS 84 / UTM zone 34S</description>
        <terrain texture-size="256" max-ground-error="1" exaggeration="1" show-labels="1" max-terrain-error="3">
            <layer id="vw_trails_c1d72cef_a5bc_4367_94d7_b9e455cb0791"/>
            <layer id="trail_section_84b0fc5a_9668_40cb_98a7_b0eb5e3c184f"/>
            <layer id="trail_sections_c943f84d_1a06_461d_9ee8_cbdec791a8f1"/>
            <layer id="trail_70edc1d4_7f88_4451_9dfa_0ad93adf3cfb"/>
            <layer id="spot_heights_2062244d_d827_4ca5_a73b_32c05b045271"/>
            <layer id="buildings_fd2ea412_2de8_48e0_a153_e207b946aaa9"/>
            <layer id="water_features_3f62e681_d958_4a64_98b9_6558fcc767ac"/>
            <layer id="rivers_10b733bf_80a8_4021_962c_b2305f02352b"/>
            <layer id="roads_70c42efe_0744_4adb_9077_f1cbbb039ffe"/>
            <layer id="contours_388c3ec7_d4c7_4fa7_b504_fa20c0058dd1"/>
            <layer id="landcover_7b461cc8_9d00_4847_bbc9_e369b84e6795"/>
            <layer id="barriers_2843bb1e_4ef0_4581_9993_415a5205bd10"/>
            <layer id="2011_wards_0c28dda0_7440_45d0_9ed1_2baaa5831369"/>
          <generator type="dem" skirt-height="10" layer="srtm_swellendam_UTM34S_226c06c7_7760_4a7e_8963_94294ef71a14" resolution="16"/>
        <skybox enabled="0" file-ext="" file-base=""/>
        <debug bounding-boxes="0" terrain-tile-info="0"/>

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