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support tablet and pen when in "screen" mode

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I use a Wacom tablet as my main peripheral device (can't use mouse).

But I noticed that when the tablet is in screen mode instead of monitor mode, QGIS doesn't like it.
I need screen mode because of multiple monitors, it's far easier to use in this mode.

For example, clicking somewhere (using the Pen), clicks somewhere else randomly.
So when I try to click a layer in the layer list, it might click on the canvas instead and pan/zoom or whatever.
Clicking on the canvas to pan/zoom instead highlights menu items, pushes random toolbar buttons, etc.

So it looks like the cursor location is offset.

On the tablet, there are buttons mapped to left/right/middle click and when using those buttons, instead of the pen, it works.
But it's a little awkward to use the buttons on the pad and the pen at the same time especially having to use one hand to go back and forth from the pad to the keyboard when using hotkeys and ctrl/shift keys with a click.

I'm not sure if this is an upstream (QT) enhancement or feature or can be done in QGIS.

There are some other programs that had this issue, but not anymore (although they don't use QT I think) like Inkscape and GIMP.
Some QT apps I have that don't have this problem are LMMS, Hydrogen, but VLC has this offset cursor problem too.


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