Bug report #13633

Debian install of grass provider/plugin conflict

Added by Andy Wood over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

Affected QGIS version:master Regression?:No
Operating System:SMP Debian 4.2.1-2 (2015-09-27) x86_64 Easy fix?:No
Pull Request or Patch supplied:No Resolution:wontfix
Crashes QGIS or corrupts data:No Copied to github as #:21669


After purging all Debian qgis packages, and re-installing from master:

sudo debi qgis_2.11.0_amd64.changes \\
  qgis-common_2.11.0_all.deb \\
  qgis_2.11.0_amd64.deb \\
  libqgis-customwidgets_2.11.0_amd64.deb \\
  qgis-providers-common_2.11.0_all.deb \\
  qgis-providers_2.11.0_amd64.deb \\
  libqgis-core2.11.0_2.11.0_amd64.deb \\
  libqgis-server2.11.0_2.11.0_amd64.deb \\
  libqgis-app2.11.0_2.11.0_amd64.deb \\
  libqgisgrass7-2.11.0_2.11.0_amd64.deb \\
  libqgis-gui2.11.0_2.11.0_amd64.deb \\
  libqgispython2.11.0_2.11.0_amd64.deb \\
  libqgis-analysis2.11.0_2.11.0_amd64.deb \\
  libqgis-networkanalysis2.11.0_2.11.0_amd64.deb \\
  python-qgis-common_2.11.0_all.deb \\
  python-qgis_2.11.0_amd64.deb \\
  qgis-plugin-globe-common_2.11.0_all.deb \\
  qgis-plugin-globe_2.11.0_amd64.deb \\
  qgis-provider-grass_2.11.0_amd64.deb \\
  qgis-plugin-grass-common_2.11.0_all.deb \\

The following problems are reported:

dpkg: regarding qgis-provider-grass_2.11.0_amd64.deb containing qgis-provider-grass:
 qgis-plugin-grass conflicts with qgis-provider-grass (<< 1:2.11.0+git20151002)
  qgis-provider-grass (version 2.11.0) is to be installed.
dpkg: error processing archive qgis-provider-grass_2.11.0_amd64.deb (--install):
 conflicting packages - not installing qgis-provider-grass
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of qgis-plugin-grass:
 qgis-plugin-grass depends on qgis-provider-grass (= 2.11.0); however:
  Package qgis-provider-grass is not installed.
dpkg: error processing package qgis-plugin-grass (--install):
 dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
Errors were encountered while processing:
debi: debpkg -i failed


#1 Updated by Jürgen Fischer over 7 years ago

  • Resolution set to wontfix
  • Status changed from Open to Closed

If you build package yourself create a changelog entry with a version number higher than 1:2.11.0+git20151002 or remove the conflict from the control file:

diff --git a/debian/control.in b/debian/control.in
index d9fe037..02cc9f3 100644
--- a/debian/control.in
+++ b/debian/control.in
@@ -312,8 +312,6 @@ Depends:
 #!precise# grass-core
 #precise# grass
-Replaces: qgis-provider-grass (<< 1:2.11.0+git20151002)
-Conflicts: qgis-provider-grass (<< 1:2.11.0+git20151002)
 Description: GRASS plugin for QGIS
  QGIS is a Geographic Information System (GIS) which manages, analyzes and
  display databases of geographic information.

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