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Python API to handle layer groups without iface

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My intent is to automate production of raster files to use QgisMapServer as a WMS Server.
In order to manage it, I use a stand-alone python script (without GUI) to handle QGS project files. See attached file modifyqgs.py.

Up to now, I am able to add raster layers to an existing project using QgsMapLayerRegistry.

Now, I want to organize layers using groups but I didn't find any API to acheive it using "headless" API - that is without qgis.utils.iface.legendInterface() component. Still undocumented QgsLayerTreeGroup used by QgsProject may be a future solution?


modifyqgs.py Magnifier (1.75 KB) David AMAR, 2014-07-01 02:53 AM


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The QgsLayerTree* classes are exactly what you are looking for. Please see the doxygen documentation of the classes (especially QgsLayerTreeNode, QgsLayerTreeLayer, QgsLayerTreeGroup). I will add some more documentation to PyQGIS cookbook later. For now, your entry point is QgsProject.instance().layerTreeRoot() - from there you can start adding child groups and layers.

#2 Updated by David AMAR about 9 years ago

Thank you Martin.

I have just tried these classes and I think there are some points to fix if you confirm them:
- QgsLayerTreeNode, QgsLayerTreeLayer, QgsLayerTreeGroup documentation is not generated by doxygen in official documentation http://qgis.org/api/2.4.

- When I try 'print QgsProject.instance().layerTreeRoot().dump()' in a stand-alone python script, I only see GROUP nodes. Same command in Python Console in QGIS Desktop displays GROUP and LAYER nodes.
Results in stand-alone script
GROUP: visible=2 expanded=1
GROUP: myGroup visible=2 expanded=1

Results in Python Console
GROUP: visible=2 expanded=1
GROUP: myGroup visible=2 expanded=1
LAYER: myRaster visible=2 expanded=1 id=myRaster20140702045512566

Best Regards.

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