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Better/faster keyboard support for editing values & labels in layer style

Added by Simon Dedman over 9 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Manually editing value and therefore also label ranges can be a common requirement because of the "extra decimal problem/bug":#5963 , because one can't apply the same style to multiple different layers unless they use a hack or until the MultiQML plugin is updated , and because manually changing values doesn't push those edits to the labels (feature request for that "here":#10203 ).

Subsequently it would be good if the input UI for manual edits had some slight improvements, namely:

  1. When a row (symbol, value, label) is selected, open the editing dialogue box for value if the space bar is hit (feasibly open symbol when the ctrl key is hit and label when the AltGr or right ctrl key is hit). Current behaviour: keyboard doesn't do anything, have to double click.
  2. When the value box is called, have the lower value be highlighted by default so the user can immediately begin typing new values. Current behvaiour: cursor is at end, requiring user to delete current value first.
  3. Conceptually you could instead have a separate column for graduated styles, so "lower value" and "upper value" rather than just "value" which prints the summary of two values and has to be edited in a separate box. Having individual columns could allow the user to move around the cells, rather than simply rows, with the arrow keys, hitting space on whichever they like, and immediately editing accordingly.

I realise that these are seemingly very minor, but when one's having to do them regularly, they'd be a big help.


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