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Reported issues: 2


07:45 AM QGIS Application Bug report #444: low resolution in print composer and in the output (svn 6261)
Whem I give the print order I obtain the following error "The selected paper size does not match the composition size...
01:21 AM QGIS Application Bug report #461 (Closed): tooltip
The tooltip that appears when I'm on delete selected botton (postGIS) says "Delete Seleced" instead of "Delete Selected"


10:24 AM QGIS Application Bug report #141 (Closed): crashes when printing on pdf
When I print on a virtually pdf printer I get this error
Debug: XP@�����@�Ͷ��ο0�0�@�}0��}8�8��}8��}�_(��x�����‹...

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