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03:18 PM QGIS Application Bug report #18194 (Closed): QGIS3 Processing Graphical Modeler GUI is messed up on OSX
The GUI for the graphical modeller is so messed up on OSX that it is not usable. Please see the attached screenshot.


01:49 AM QGIS Application Revision 00dc27fd (qgis): Rename hillshade renderer in drop down (#3245)
Remove non functioning code for setting resampling automagically for hillshade renderer


01:30 PM QGIS Application Revision 85fbeb26 (qgis): Hillshaderenderer: Fix transparency effects (#3185)


01:52 PM QGIS Application Revision d47fe0f7 (qgis): Hillshaderenderer: Add 'multidirectional oblique-weighted' rendering op...


12:45 AM QGIS Application Revision fecc59ae (qgis): Hillshaderenderer: Fix calculation of aspect (#3152)


03:23 AM QGIS Application Bug report #14811 (Closed): Loading QLR file locks parent directory forever in Windows
When loading a QLR file QGIS locks the parent directory. This lock is not released before QGIS is closed.
Imagine ...


05:59 AM QGIS Application Bug report #13182: QGIS WFS Server returns empty answer
Is this issue still relevant? If it is a duplicate of #13991 it probably should be closed.


02:52 PM QGIS Application Revision 7101b5be (qgis): Remove unsupported SRSNAME
02:46 PM QGIS Application Revision cea82c0a (qgis): WFS version corrected to 1.0.0
01:51 PM QGIS Application Revision 3d937e1d (qgis): Simple python tests of WFS responses

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