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Reported issues: 3


12:48 PM QGIS Application Bug report #2686 (Closed): actionNodeTool missing from python plugin interface
I was using the moveVertex tool action from a plugin, which has been removed in 1.4.0. The replacement for it is the ...


12:44 AM QGIS Application Feature request #2557 (Closed): typo in default keyboard shortcut for toggling fullscreen mode
Wondering why there is no default keyboard shortcut set for toggling
fullscreen mode, I discovered a small typo:


04:21 AM QGIS Application Bug report #2076 (Closed): load/save scale based visibility layer information in styles
When saving a layer style, it sets attributes for min/maxLabelScale
and scaleBasedLabelVisibilityFlag in the *.qml fi...

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