Kenton Ngo


Reported issues: 3


11:10 AM QGIS Application Bug report #5692: Can not change legend fonts in print composer
I have also seen this problem on OS X using the KyngChaos build.
10:53 AM QGIS Application Bug report #5710 (Closed): fTools Random points cannot create 0 points within a polygon
When using fTools Random Points to generate a specified number of points per polygon using an input field, it crashes...


07:23 AM QGIS Application Feature request #5606 (Open): Defining column types for CSV imports
At work we use Mac OS X. Microsoft Office for Mac no longer supports DBF exports, and much of our data that we'd like...


01:48 PM QGIS Application Bug report #5226 (Closed): Unable to select multiple features in new symbology
Using old symbology, holding down the Apple key I can select multiple features and apply the same line or fill styles...

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