Current situation

In QGIS 2.2:

  • Style settings are embedded in Layer preferences
  • style = n Marker hierarchy
  • project has defaults for styling
  • there is a symbol style manager
  • 'Style manager' is what currently is a preset catalogue (external)

A ticket by tim that describes further issues:

Here as video screencast

Dialogs in other complex tools

  • GIMP
  • Inkscape
  • Eclipse
  • Thunderbird
  • OpenOffice

Ideas for improvement

  • #7556 Oliver lists a lot of small UX lacks


  • style manager - currently the style library dialog that makes preset styles accessible. But here we mean the layer style properties dialog.
  • layer style - a graphic style that
  • symbol
  • marker
  • vis. signature

SM general

SM dialog

  • SM get out of the layer preferences dialog (the context is very specific (here: the styling) and needs a lot of space)
  • SM get's sensitive on Layer properties (the geometry types, attributes and it's types, ...)
    • the dialog already reacts to the geometry type, please clarify!
  • make dialog similar to attribute table (toolbar)
  • save/load/reset/default styles get toolbar buttons
  • preview box should display an area
    • area = section of the main map?
  • for issues concerning data-defined styling see

sm_context_fail.png (65.9 KB) Noone Noone, 2014-03-26 11:09 PM

sm_dialog_fail.png (177 KB) Noone Noone, 2014-03-26 11:09 PM