Release Team

The QGIS release team coordinates the release process, packaging and announcing new releases to the world at large.

Release Roadmap

This page lays out the strategy for releases of QGIS. The Release Roadmap is intended to provide a 'big picture' overview of where we are going and how we intend to get there.

Release Process Overview

The Release Process Overview documents the release process in generic terms and is intended as an introduction for new release team members or for people who just generally want to understand the QGIS release process.

Release Checklists

The Release Checklists document the QGIS release process.

Manual Release Preparation

The Manual Release Preparation page describes the process to be followed when preparing a new documentation release for QGIS. The documentation process is managed by the community team.

Building Distro Independent Linux Bundle

The Building Distro Independent Linux Bundle document describes how to make a distribution independent QGIS application bundle.