This section is intended to show how to perform basic GIS operations in QGIS in the most straightforward way. It is modelled after “How do I do that in ArcGIS/Manifold?: illustrating classic GIS tasks”. That document illustrated a selection of tasks which were thought to be representative of common usage in 2004, and was itself derived from a checklist of essential GIS functions that was included in 1988 in “A Process for Selecting Geographic Information Systems”.

This document reflects the list of tasks found in the original "How do I do that in ArcGIS/Manifold?" document, and retains similar task titles and structure. A list covering additional tasks thought important, including these tasks, may be found in How do I do that in QGIS?

Introductory Notes

As much as possible these try and use the Alaska sample data. This means that if you want to try something, you can use see what things could look like.

Data Management

These relate to how to view and edit your tabular data.

Database Creation

This section details making and loading data for use in QGIS.

Data Manipulation and Analysis

Data Display and Presentation

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Some guidance notes.
  • Where possible try to use the Alaska Sample Data to demonstrate the examples.
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