Community Team Meeting on Monday, 31. May 2010

Tenth IRC meeting of the community team takes place on Monday 31 May at 4pm UTC until 5pm (maybe 6pm?) UTC on IRC channel #qgis-community-team at

General Procedure

  • Meetings will be held on IRC. Connect to (some operating systems / irc clients will take you straight there if you click this link: irc:// using a client such as Chatzilla (firefox extension) on Windows, Colloquy on OSX or XChat/Gaim/Kirc on Gnu/Linux.
  • if you enter "/join #qgis-community-team" in the bottom field, a new tab appears and you are in. Please join the IRC chanel about 5 minutes before the meeting commences
  • Meetings will be open for anyone to attend but will be moderated according to a defined agenda prepaired for each meeting to avoid off topic conversation.
  • Logs are available at


This tenth meeting will be used to organise the manual updates for QGIS version 1.5. Main focus is to introduce all new contributors and to define the work.

  • Welcome new contributors,
  • Introduce and discuss how to work on the manual update
  • Find out about contributors interest (see Manual Writing) - we mainly need contributions for sections: vector, projections, core and external plugins. Apart from that we can try to relieve current contributors.
  • Organizing documentation process and discussing questions.
  • Need to update the wiki pages and add more information: how to work with subversion and pdflatex under various OS.
  • more to come

Questions from contributors (small FAQ)

If you already have questions you want to discuss during the meeting, please add them here:

  • I have never used IRC before nor was I ever member of a community mailing list. I suppose that in the coming days I will find out how IRC works. Anything in particular I should pay attention to? I inscribed myself for the mailing list. I did not find a way however to see older messages on this mailing list... justed to see where everyone is talking about.
  • On the content side: I don't have a real idea yet what you will be asking for me. Is it a translation of new texts into another language or more the update of the english manual with new features or extra explanations.
    • Answer: We are looking for new contributors for the english manual. So it will be about the update of the english manual with new features or extra explanations. It won't be that difficult, if you have a little experience with QGIS. But I also think that some people might have the feeling that they are not "expert" enough for this task.In that case it would also be possible to work on translations, if you are still interested, then
  • Will you start explaining what you would like and than the tasks are divided between all the volunteers? Will this take about an hour?
    • Answer: Yes I will give an introduction about the tasks and the we discuss how to split the manual into sections that people can work on. It would e.g example make sense to have a first look at the current manual, to find out, what sections are interesting or not and what might be possible or not for you.
  • Software Versions : I guess one issue that we will need to cover is the versions of QGIS and TeX that we will need to be running. I think I was way behind on both and have now updated my TeX/LaTeX setup so that I can compile the QGIS 1.4 userguide, but am still running version 1.0.2 of QGIS itself - I expect to improve that over the next week or so.
    • Yes, we will need a pdflatex installed and a current QGIS version from trunk. For Windows this is pretty easy, the OSGeo4w installer provides a QGIS 1.5 package. For linux and Mac this is more difficult, needs to be compiled from sources. But I will talk to the software packagers, if they can provide inofficial QGIS 1.5 packages for us.


will be available after the meeting at