These pages provide details of everything you need to know relating to the QGIS documentation effort including checking out, editing and compiling. It is managed by the Manual Team Lead of the community team. If you plan to contribute to the manual and for any other related questions, please contact the Manual Team Lead using the qgis-community-team mailing list.

The english version of the manual is the 'master'-document located in the git repository QGIS-Documentation. All updates, extensions, exercises and new features will be added to this document first, before it is translated in other languages. If you are interested to translate QGIS documentation into another language, please visit the Manual Translation wiki page.

The Manual Team tries to follow new QGIS releases with an updated english version of the QGIS User Guide. Latest documentation are provided here QGIS Documentation.

Mailing List

A mailing list is available for discussion of documentation (User and Installation Guide) issues. We strongly encourage anyone joining the documentation effort to join this list!

The Documentation Process

The documentation process works in the following way. In the build up to each release the english master document (folder english_us) is updated. When this document is complete and we are sure there will be no more changes, the documentation will be branched for translation, see ManualLightweightVersion.

Document writers will be given write access to the git repository QGIS-Documentation. and the process can commence. The table in the next section can be used to give a macro level view of how you are in the translation process. If you read on, we will explain how to get the docs from git in more detail.

Bandwidth friendly version

There is the intention to build a lighter version of the manual, like PostgreSQL online manual (multiple HTML pages with comments) so that users can pick up only the needed section(s) and also give specific feedback via comments. The dedicated page is ManualLightweightVersion.


Note: The QGIS project is always looking for people who are willing to invest some more time - even perhaps to coordinate the documentation effort. We are trying to improve our project management process and spread the load more evenly between people who each have a specific area of resposibility, so any contribution you have to make will be greately appreciated. A list of current contributors are available in the Project Organigram.

Please add your details to the list below. If you would like to nominate yourself as a coordinator or contributor please go ahead. If more than one person nominates themselves as coordinator for the same language, please contact each other and resolve how you will manage your efforts.

Document Maintainers

User Guide

Sections Maintainer Email
Title, Preamble, Conventions, 1 Forward, 2 Introduction, Getting Started, Features Anne
3 Vector Jean Roc jr.morreale_at_enoreth_dot_net
4 Raster Micha, Bogus micha_at_arava_dot_co_dot_il, bogus_at_bogzab_dot_plus_dot_com
5 OGC Stephan
6 QGIS Mapserver Andreas a.neumann_at_carto_dot_net
7 Projections Ramon custard_at_westnet_dot_com_dot_au
8 GRASS GIS, Appendix B GRASS Module list Micha micha_at_arava_dot_co_dot_il
9 Print Composer Werner werner.macho_at_gmail_dot_com
10 Plugins (Core and External), 11 Core Plugins David djq_at_MIT_dot_EDU
12 Help, Appendix A Supported Formats, Appendix L Literature Otto dassau_at_gbd-consult_dot_de

Coding and Compilation Guide

Sections Maintainer Email
Title, Preamble, 1 Introduction , Literature Otto dassau_at_gbd-consult_dot_de
2 Writing C++ Plugins, 4 Writing Python Plugins ?? ??
3 Writing C++ Applications, 5 Writing Python Applications ?? ??
6 Installation - 17 GPL (INSTALL.t2t and CODING.t2t) Otto dassau_at_gbd-consult_dot_de

Note: Appendix A - K means converting the INSTALL.t2t and file CODING.t2t from the QGIS sources into Latex. Then the content of the two latex files, that will be written by QGIS developers, needs to be adapted to fit the documentation style.

How to become a maintainer

There are currently some restrictions to check out the QGIS documentations with write-support. If you like to add new content please contact the Manual Team Lead using the qgis-community-team mailing list..

What you need to get started

Following steps (and some skills) are needed to get write-access to the documentation repository.

Further you need a github account. You will be given access to write to the documentation trunk based on that account.

Checkout the latex sources

Read this the manual page to learn how to get a copy of the files and submit your changes


Read this page to learn how to build the PDF.

Contributing to the english trunk

New content should be created in the english (trunk) version first. The english version is the 'master' document. At the time of release, the english version will be frozen and used as the basis for all other languages. To add new content follow the procedure for Unix (Linux) and Windows described below. For any questions please write to the Manual Team Lead qgis-community-team mailing list.

We provide a wiki page with hints