7th QGIS Developer Meeting in Lyon 2012

Period and location

April 12th-16th 2012, Lyon (France)

Lyon is the second city in France, conveniently located on the Rhône valley. See at the bottom for some pointers to the city attractions.

Note that Lyon will also host the WWW2012 conference (with Tim Berners Lee and more) from 16th to 20th : http://www2012.wwwconference.org/

Download a free map of Lyon: http://maposmatic.org/maps/?query=lyon


University of Lyon 1

Université de Médecine et de Pharmacie Grange Blanche et Lyon Nord
8 avenue Rockefeller, 69008 Lyon


  • 12th-15th : Room 106 (8am - 10pm)
  • 16th : Room 110 (8am - 5pm)

Of course you are invited to join or leave the meeting whenever you want.


We have 4 sponsors for the event :



Youth hostel

  • Price: from 22 € (breakfast included)
  • AJ du Vieux Lyon 41-45, montée du Chemin Neuf 69005 - Lyon
  • line D, 5 stations away (~ 10-15 mn)
  • link: http://www.fuaj.org/lyon#

Résidence hôtelière Odalys Bioparc

  • Price: ~ 50 € (for a flat for two persons) to 80 € (single room)
  • 60, Avenue Rockefeller, Maison de la Danse, 69008 Lyon
  • link: http://bit.ly/A6MvWt

Adagio Access Lyon Mermoz

  • Price: ~ 66 €
  • 14, rue Jaqueline Auriol, à l'angle du 55 Avenue Jean Mermoz, Maison de la Danse, 69008 Lyon
  • link: http://bit.ly/y03X7M

Residhotel Lyon Part Dieu

  • Price: 105 € for 4 persons (~ 30 € par person)
  • 79, Bvd Marius Vivier Merle, La Part-Dieu, 69003 Lyon
  • link: http://bit.ly/y9yH1n

Hôtel de Noailles

  • Price: ~ 21 € per night
  • 30, Cours Gambetta. - Station : Saxe-Gambetta, 69007 Lyon
  • link: http://bit.ly/xJp2lO


Some other hotels can be found here : http://bit.ly/y814j2

Cheap accommodation can be found in Accor hotel if you book 1 month before the date. Two hotels are close the hack fest (Adagio Access Lyon and Mercure Lyon Lumiere) http://www.accorhotels.com/f

Dining (Evenings)

Comptoir Lyonnais
3 rue Verdi
69001 Lyon


=> 8 pm at the restaurant

  • dinner
  • 1 beer or 1 red wine glasse

2012.04.14: make your choice


Lyon can be reached by plane, train, car, foot, bicycle, ...

By plane

Lyon's airport is "Lyon Saint Exupéry" aka "LYS". It's outside the city, approximately 30 minutes away.
There are a lot of connexions with many cities in Europe and abroad, and some low-cost flights as well.
Airport's website : http://www.lyonaeroports.com/eng

From the airport to the train station

There is a tramway going directly from the airport to the train station, every 15min. Trip duration : 30 min.
Website : http://www.rhonexpress.fr/

Try to group arrivals at the airport, and we'll manage to pick you up, as the tramway is quite expensive.

Plane alternatives

Lyon is 2h away from Paris by train (TGV), and it could be more convenient and cheaper to land in Paris and take a train to Lyon. Most travel agencies can arrange a combo ticket.

Lyon is not far from Geneva, but there are not a lot of trains between Geneva and Lyon. It may be easier to land in Geneva though.

By train

There are different train stations in Lyon. Be sure to arrive at "Lyon Part Dieu".
You can check schedules and buy your tickets online.
SNCF's website : http://www.voyages-sncf.com

Some travel times : Paris 2h, Marseille 1h40, Lille 3h, Brussels 3h30…

By car

Some journey durations :
  • Paris 4h
  • Geneva 1h30
  • Turin 3h
  • Barcelona 5h

From «Lyon Part-Dieu» train station to the venue

The venue is a few stations away from the main train station. You can come by bus (no connection) or with the metro.

By bus

Go out of the train station on the "Vivier Merle" side (western side, aka "Rhône side"). If you came with the Rhonexpress tramway you'll have to go through the train station to the other side.

Cross the little place, and walk toward the big shopping center called "Centre commercial Part Dieu" with big ad screens. You'll see a lot of tramways and buses.

Find the C13 bus and take it towards Grange Blanche. Get off at the last stop, Grange Blanche. Continue walking 100m on avenue Rockefeller and you will find the university's entrance.

You should need 30min altogether.

C13 schedule and stops : http://tcl.fr/plugins/horaires/pdf/2011_08_29_ligneC13.pdf

You can plan your trip on http://tcl.fr/


From Part Dieu to Grange Blanche you can also take the metro :
  • At the "Part Dieu" train station take line B towards Stade de Gerland
  • Get off at this stop: Saxe Gambetta
  • Connect to Métro D going towards Gare de Vénissieux
  • Get off at this stop: Grange Blanche

It's a 30min journey too.

Link to the web site (price, map, etc.): http://www.tcl.fr/index.asp

Price: 1.60 € (one ticket - 2 € in the bus) - 14.3 € for 10 tickets - Ticket Liberté 1 day: 4,90 €


There are taxis at the «Part Dieu» train station, just outside the station on the «Alpes» side (eastern side).


  • Users Feedback
  • Point of the plugin situation
    • Validation
    • User ratings / comments
    • Better integration/link with QGIS hub
    • Presentation of plugins within QGIS: display of metadata's short description and link to homepage
    • Approval rules (i.e. binaries, licence issues)
  • git and redmine workflows
  • Documentation: migration to Sphinx
  • Add your own !


*#* Participant Country Arrival Departure Accomodation Notes
0 Mr Example France 10.04 (17h) 14.04 (8h30) Hotel Californi Cloud Geo Design 2.0 support
1 Vincent Picavet France 11/04/12 15/04/12 11h Local Local contact
2 Richard Duivenvoorde Nederland 12/04/12 15/04/12 TBD
3 Yves Jacolin France 11/04/12 14/04/12 Adagio Access Lyon Local contact
4 Marco Hugentobler Switzerland 12/04/12 (14:26) 14/04/12 (18:04) Adagio Access Lyon
5 Giovanni Manghi Portugal 13/04/12 late 16/04/12 late Adagio Access Lyon Discussion topics: rasters in QGIS, improving default style/selection colors for polygons, setting up the official testing team
6 Mathias Walker Switzerland 12/04/12 (14:26) 14/04/12 (18:04) Adagio Access Lyon
7 Otto Dassau Germany 13/04/12 (10:05) 15/04/12 (18:45) Adagio Access Lyon
8 Jean-Roc Morreale France 12/04/12 16/04/12 Adagio Access Lyon
9 Werner Macho Austria 12/04/12 (13:00) 16/04/12 (14:00) Adagio Access Lyon
10 Paolo Cavallini Italy 12/04/12 (approx. 18:00) 16/04/12 late Adagio Access Lyon
11 Giuseppe Sucameli Italy 12/04/12 (approx. 18:00) TBD Adagio Access Lyon
12 Michaël Douchin France 12/04/12 (13h) 13/04/12 (18:00) Relatives
13 René-Luc D'Hont France 13/04/12 (9:00) 13/04/12 (15h30) none QGIS Server
14 Jürgen E. Fischer Germany 2012-04-12T16:05 2012-04-16T12:05 Adagio Access Lyon Mermoz
15 Martin Dobias Slovakia 12/04/12 late 15/04/12 late private
16 Mathieu Bossaert France 14/04/2012 15/04/2012 Adagio Access Lyon
17 Alessandro Pasotti Italy 2012-04-13 2012-04-14 TBD
18 Pirmin Kalberer Switzerland 12/04/12 (14:26) 14/04/12 (18:04) Adagio Access Lyon
19 Mehdi Semch. France 12/04/12) 13/04/12 Local contact
20 Tim Sutton South Africa tbc tbc tbc
21 Bertrand Chaussat France 12/04/12 late 13/04/12 late TBD
22 Horst Düster Switzerland 12/04/12 afternoon 16/04/12 afternoon Adagio Access Lyon WPS and SEXTANTE
23 Victor Olaya France 11/04/12 13/04/12 TBD
24 Paolo Corti Italy 13/04/12 (flight arrives at 16:35) 16/04/12 (flight starts at 17:05) Campanile Lyon Centre
25 Cédric Möri Switzerland 12/04/12 afternoon 16/04/12 afternoon Adagio Access Lyon QGIS 1.8
26 Hugo Mercier France 12/04/12 afternoon 16/04/12 afternoon TBD
27 Marco Bernasocchi Switzerland 13/04/12 Morning 16/04/12 Morning Adagio Access Lyon Android Python bindings, mobile GUI
28 Roger Maurer Switzerland 13/04/12 morning 14/04/12 afternoon Adagio Access Lyon Documentation
29 Ian Packham Ireland 12/04/12 flight arrives 15:10 16/04/12 flight departs 15:50 Adagio Access Lyon Python plugins, GDAL (PostGIS), Docs
30 Julien Malik France 12/04/12 flight arrives 09:35 14/04/12 flight departs 21:50 Adagio Access Lyon OrfeoToolbox provider for Sextante
31 Benjamin Bohard France 12/04/12 13/04/12 local documentation

Individual Preparation

  • Bring your own computer. Better with a power bar and long cable, and ethernet cable (we'll provide some, and wifi, but better more than less).
  • Install git and the compiler tools, and come with a working QGIS development environment if possible.


  • Is the QGIS Hackfest just a coding event?
    • It is mainly a coding and documentation event. It is a working session for people who are already participants in the QGIS project and/or are committed to improving the QGIS project.
    • On demand we can do some presentations of current working qgis implementation and new upcoming features to spread the idea of openGIS software
  • Is the QGIS Hackfest for developers only?
    • No: anybody can help, with testing, checking out bugs and fixes, documentation and more.
  • Where can I get help and more information about the hackfest?
    • Contact OSGeo-fr at <conferences at osgeo.asso.fr> or directly Vincent Picavet <vincent.picavet at oslandia.com>

About Lyon

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyon
  • www 2012 conference, 16th-20th april : http://www2012.wwwconference.org/
  • Things to see include Fourvière, the old city, the opera and place des terreaux, the fine arts museum, Parc de la Tête d'Or, La sucrière...
  • Lyon is well-known for its gastronomy. Do not miss a traditionnal "Bouchon Lyonnais" with its andouillette and a Cote du Rhône

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