We will discuss about strategies for migrating QGIS documentation to restructured text and Sphinx

Points to discuss and things to do

  • if needed: gentle introduction to restructured text, Docutils and Sphinx
  • if needed: a brief tutorial for using reST and Sphinx
  • discuss migration strategies from Latex to reST and test some tools like Pandoc
  • discuss strategies for Sphinx internationalization
  • evaluate if using Pootle in the workflow
  • create the directory layout (should we useInterSphinx ?)
  • start migrating some document
  • start committing to gitHub
  • define a strategy for auto updating the QGIS documentation web site (and Read the Docs), for example with git hooks
  • define a strategy for (eventually) maintaining a whole set of documentation for each QGIS release (in the fashion of the Django documentation)


  • Paolo Corti
  • ... (add your names here)