From 2011-12-11 to 2012-01-09


10:35 AM Bug report #4757 (Closed): Project editing doesn't pickup the current parent
When editing projects the "Subproject of" field is always shown as "User plugins". So saving project which were not ... Jürgen Fischer
07:35 AM Support #4755 (Open): Users can't create projects that are a subproject of 'User Plugins'
User Plugins doesn't show up in the Subproject drop-down box when trying to create a new plugin project. Gary Sherman


12:10 AM Feature request #3957: New tickets notifications are not sent to IRC #QGIS
I suggest to close this ticket and opening one about exposing an RSS feed for all activity, rather than only activity... Sandro Santilli


08:44 AM Feature request #4677 (Open): Add "QGIS Version" field
There is a "Target Version" field in ticket metadata which interpreted as "Milestone". But there is no field where re... Alexander Bruy

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