From 2015-12-17 to 2016-01-15


08:28 AM Bug report #10126: Search is not working properly
Checked now, still true. Paolo Cavallini
08:27 AM Bug report #21: Synchronizing the list of plugins from django to redmine
Not so interesting anymore, given that most plugins are on GitHub now. Feel free to close it. Paolo Cavallini
08:26 AM Bug report #4879: Planet not updated
Still valid? Paolo Cavallini
08:13 AM Feature request #14114 (Closed): Log who approved a plugin
and send an email notifying it to all staff. Paolo Cavallini
08:11 AM Bug report #12448 (Closed): Merge shapes incomplete
Moved to #14113 Paolo Cavallini
08:10 AM Bug report #13175 (Closed): Approving a plugin does not work
Seems to be working now. Paolo Cavallini

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