From 2014-04-19 to 2014-05-18


07:41 AM Feature request #10302 (Open): Add a filter for "New" plugins to plugins website
I would like to be able to sort or filter the plugins website, so that only new plugins would be shown, similar to th... Borys Jurgiel


05:19 AM Bug report #10148 (Closed): Login to gives Error 500: internal application error
Logging in here:
with my username (wellsp) gives:
"Error 500: internal ap...
Peter Wells


05:05 AM Bug report #10142 (Open): The "repository" tag is not updated from metadata.txt
Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a plugin with missing the "repository" tag in the metadata.txt and upload it.
2. The ap...
Borys Jurgiel


01:01 AM Bug report #10126 (Closed): Search is not working properly
returns one item, whereas
Paolo Cavallini
12:23 AM Feature request #10125 (Open): Add editor comments
Approving a plugin is an increasingly complex task. It would be very useful to add a field of comments, visible only ... Paolo Cavallini

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