Bug report #15316

Updated by Nyall Dawson about 2 years ago

*new description:*

tested on QGIS 2.8 and 2.16, with a polygon feature and the line pattern fill symbology.

In 2.8 you can define an offset for such symbology using an expression and it will works as expected. In 2.16 the offset based on a expression is not applied at all.

Also 2.14 is affected, so the eventual fix should be backported.


*old description:*

style fill offset linear patterns

prejudice are george,new entry, I need help regarding the construction of filling a poly layer called cadastral representing particle owners.

many to one relationship.

I connected with mmqgis proprietari.csv (many) to particelle.shp (one) and created a new shp with svrapposti polygons for each subject represented.

eg particle 1 prop guy 100% one poliggono

.... Particle 2 prop Dick 25% + 75% trad two polygons

proprietari.csv contains a field progresProp (double) plus a TotProp field (twice).


Particle 1 name = dude; progresProp = 1; TotProp = 1

particle 2 name = foo; progresProp = 1; TotProp = 2

particle 2 Name = simp; progresProp = 2; TotProp = 2

the properties of the vector is defined by style category of name

symbol fill filling linear patern distance = TotProp

lienea simple stroke = 1 offset = progresProp

aim is to achieve parallel lines of different colors for n owners.

particle 1 will be the line of the same tight red (distance = 1, width = 1 offset = 1)

particle 2 will be the line of a different color blue alternarnate (distance = 2; width = 1 offset = 1) + green (distance = 2; width = 1 offset = 2)

in fact I can not apply the offset property it 'as calculated it' value as the value preassigned