Bug report #15501

Updated by Nyall Dawson over 2 years ago

It appears as though when using the rule based labelling option for labelling features in QGIS (2.16), any modifications using the expression builder are not retained.

Process as follows:

Using a point dataset from PostGIS, and the rule based labelling for Labels.

My rule says ("CLASSIFICA" = 'Woodland Or Forest' AND "FONTHEIGHT" = 'Small'), with this I also have a scale range included.

When I try to change this (for example to “FONTHEIGHT” = ‘Medium’), I click on the browse button next to ‘Test’, I then manually alter the text within my expression from ‘Small’ to ‘Medium’.

I OK this – back at the ‘Edit rule window’, I do see that the text has changed to ‘Medium’, I then click OK but back at my rule based labelling screen the text still says ‘Small’.

If I decide to change the expression from the ‘Edit rule’ window and not open the expression builder, it does retain the change, so there looks to be an issue (from my set up anyway) where it is not storing any changes within the expression window.