Feature request #4281

Updated by Alister Hood almost 3 years ago

When adding a WFS layer with the option "only request features overlapping the current view extent", if there are no features in the current map extent, the layer is added, and looks like the top layer in the attached part of a screenshot.

On the symbology tab of the layer properties, the top row of the old symbology options is shown (legend type, single symbol, transparency, new symbology button). If you click the new symbology button, the dialog switches to the labels tab. The symbology tab behaviour is the same with geometryless tables (e.g. try with the layers stored in ~/.qgis/qgis.db).

I think the same things can occur with other layer types which can be loaded with a query (postgis, spatialite...)

1) Maybe it would be possible when loading a layer with a query, to detect if there are no features, and provide a message telling the user that there are none. (But a user might want to load an empty layer and add some features, so if the layer is writable, I guess the user should have a choice to load it...)

2) It would probably be less confusing if the symbology tab was not shown for a geometryless table.