Bug report #19724

Updated by Borys Jurgiel about 2 years ago

These Processing shortcuts are now capitalised after being translated.

In most languages menus (and generally titles) are not supposed to be capitalised. I can speak for Slavic languages where it looks really oddly, but I believe it's quite the same in most European languages, including German, French, Spain, Italian etc. Looking through our i18n, I've only found capitalized menus in Portuguese Portuguese (unlike Brasilian Portuguese) and somehow partially in Romanian.

So I'd perform the capitalization only if the system locale is on a white list (or rather the GUI language, as it can be overwritten by user).

I'm not sure if it should be a local change in python/plugins/processing/gui/menus.py, or just the QgsStringUtils::capitalize() should always fallback TitleCase to MixedCase ForceFirstLetterToCapital if the current language is not "capitalistic" ;)