Bug report #7863

Updated by Giovanni Manghi about 3 years ago

Dear QGIS,

I am using QGIS for Malaria Program here in the Philippines and I can say that kudos to you guys as this application is helping save lives!

In the 1.7.0-Wroclaw version of the project, I can display Malaria cases per year in a column in the attribute table. To go from one column (year) to another, I only need to load a saved color ramp once and change the column (year).

In current version of QGIS (1.8.0-Lisboa), I needed to define the color ramp for each year. I tried loading a saved color ramp but it will only return to the specific column (year) and reset once I enter the new column. What I did is to save the color ramp for each year and load it whenever I need to display a specific column.

See the project at this link:https://www.yousendit.com/download/WFJVclVBTXY5eFdybHNUQw

See also the attached screenshots.

What to do? Please help.