Bug report #8700

Updated by Giovanni Manghi over 2 years ago

When double clicking on a table/file/layer to add it from its respective dialog, one of several possible things happens:

Add Vector Layer:

- Double clicking a file closes the "Open an OGR supported Vector Layer" dialog but keeps open the "Add vector layer" dialog.

Add Raster Layer:

- Double clicking a raster closes the dialog and adds the file immediately to QGIS.

Add Oracle / SpatiaLite tables (maybe the other databases too?)

- Double clicking a table brings up a "Query Builder" for that table.

Add WMS and Add WCS

- Double clicking does nothing.


- Opens up "Expression string builder" dialog

To me at least this is very wrong. They should all behave in the exact same way when I double click something.

Personally I'd say the raster way is the correct one - that's how all other applications work when I double click something to add, be it a GIS or a text editor or anything.

I appreciate why opening query/expression builders may be useful, but I don't think it should be the default action on double-clicking.