Bug report #14481

Updated by Harrissou Santanna over 3 years ago


I connect an usb drive disk and it's not listed among the drives of QGIS browser panel. However, it's available when using QGIS Browser Standalone.

tested on windows 10.


**New description**:

Testing further. Actually, the drive isn't found if the browser panel was opened before the drive is connected. Hitting 'Reload' does nothing, neither do closing and reopening the browser panel.

However, opening the second browser panel shows the drive.

But if both panels were opened before the connection, none will find it.

It looks like the list of drives is initialised only at the first opening of the panel. If not done automatically, at least reloading button should also trigger reinitialisation of the drive list, imho.

Same behaviour for QGIS Browser application: doesn't update the list of drives.

Hope that helps a dev to fix this issue.