Bug report #12143

Updated by Paolo Cavallini over 3 years ago

The scale gets wrong if one adds a tiled baselayer (e.g. Google or OSM via OpenLayers plugin, or via GDAL XML). E.g. at 1:2257 scale, on the video a 100 m line is 4.8 cm; adding a baselayer it becomes 6.9 cm, without changing the scale.

If I load a EPSG:3003 layer, add an OpenLayers plugin layer, the scale gets wrong and the project projection is set at 3857. Changing the projection back to 3003 makes things right again.

Apparently GDAL does not choose the correct zoom level to display the tiles. It does not seem related to the OL plugin, as it behaves the same on the server (seen through LizMap, with the same baselayer).