Feature request #3138

Updated by Paolo Cavallini over 4 years ago

The current situation with plugins is rather confusing for the user: many repos, not all of them available all the time, often no easy way to understand ahow they work.

For developers the situation is also not optimal: it is difficult to notifiy bugs, easy to miss them, and difficult to fix problems in plugins other than its own.

I suggest to put all them on a trac (either a separate instance or a brach of the main QGIS trac).

A set of useful functions would then be:

* a script for automatic packaging after any commit; this will solve the frequent problems with plugins with wrong XML data being asked to be upgraded any time, and make the dev life easier

* a rating system, so users can tell which ones to trust more

* download statistics, for the same purpose

* an info page, better if open to coments