Bug report #15915

Updated by Nyall Dawson over 6 years ago

Layer Properties --> Fields --> Edit Widget

Select value map and enter values and descriptions to use

When back to the feature form, the "value mapped field" combobox is sorted alphabetically based on the description field. This can lead to errors if the user, confident on the order in which he enters the mapped values, do not pay attention to what QGIS shows him in the combobox.

If you reopen the Edit widget dialog, values are also sorted according to description column.

This should not be.

When someone enters a list of mapped values, he expects to have them in the same order. The order of description most of the time has nothing to do with alphabets.

Proposal: either allow sorting based on any of the two colums (click on the header as in attribute table) or disable the current automatic and blind sorting and use order of entries