Feature request #10786

Updated by Nyall Dawson about 5 years ago

When i import the osm files, there is a lot of hidden information that could also be included when we are saving to spatialite and then into QGIS, and would facilitate persons that want to do visualization.

<node id="1495076104" lat="44.8310996" lon="24.9086869" version="3" timestamp="2011-11-17T08:49:21Z" changeset="9851922" uid="555131" user="Traian Mircea">

<tag k="_LAYER_" v="Unknown Point Feature"/>

<tag k="_Nume_" v="Parc Prundu"/>

<tag k="_Tip_" v="Parc"/>

<tag k="leisure" v="playground"/>

<tag k="name" v="Parc Prundu"/>