Feature request #4236

Updated by Alister Hood over 4 years ago

- .prj or .qpj files are not supported for raster formats

- Some raster formats (e.g. jpeg, bitmap) cannot include coordinate or projection information. These formats are typically used with world files to provide the coordinate information, in which case QGIS prompts for the CRS when the layer is added.

- as well as a world file, some raster files georeferenced by ArcGIS include projection information in a PAM (.aux.xml) file. QGIS supports this information (QGIS does not prompt for CRS if it is present).

It would be good if QGIS could create .aux.xml files containing CRS information, probably after prompting for CRS when a raster layer is added.

N.B. I guess maybe this functionality would require improvements to Gdal.