Bug report #14513

Updated by Even Rouault almost 4 years ago


I have got my problem with *QGIS 2.12.x, 2.14.x, and QGIS 2.15.0 Master* (installation OSGeo4W64) under Windows 64 bits...

*The interpolation TIN with QGIS only* (Menu *Raster > Interpolation > Interpolation*, and select a shapefile with points for the Interpolation TIN) +*give displacements and holes*+...

+I suppose that the problem appear when we have too many points (the input) in a pixel (the output)... I don't know if this is the right reason...+

To compare: the same shapefile with QGIS and : *Processing > SAGA > Grid-Gridding > Triangulation* +give a nice interpolation TIN+...

+The problem of the interpolation TIN is maybe with the *library GDAL (2.0.2) and/or QGIS*...+

*To help to understand my problem, i join 3 pics (3 jpeg) and my data (in a archive .zip)*

Thanks for all.