Bug report #15314

Updated by Nyall Dawson over 3 years ago


I am using QGIS on different pc's and noticed a difference in the definition of EPSG:28992 when working with the raster tools in QGIS and when using GDAL through the OSGeo4W Shell. For EPSG:28992 the line that start with ' TOWGS[...' is missing when writing new files using a 32bit installed version of QGIS when reading the projection info (gdalinfo) with the 64bit installed versions. This sometimes causes problems reading and editing the files on 64bit versions. In my workflow the rasters are modified on windows and used by a different process that runs on Linux 64 bit

I have tested using several QGIS-versions (2.8.3/2.8.6/2.14.4) that also have different GDAL versions associated with them, but I find the line is always missing in 32bit versions.

I have read the projection definition using gdalinfo and python via the OSGeo4W Shell.

I have added some example-files.

Used commands in OSGeo4W Shell:

gdal_translate olf.tif new.tid -a_srs EPSG:28992



>>> from osgeo import gdal

>>> gdal.Open('new.tif').GetProjection()

Hope you can help or send me to someone who can.