Feature request #8954

Updated by Nyall Dawson over 3 years ago

*New description:*


The CRSs with code 102160/102161/102164/102165 (originally from ESRI) are widely used in Portugal (even if now superseded by 3763).

102161 is identical to EPSG 27493

102164/102165 are the same as EPSG 20790/20791 even if the definitions is slightly different.

102160 does not seems to have an equivalent EPSG CRS.

27493/20790/20791 are shipped in QGIS with TOWGS84 parameters, this is very good because they allow to transform/reproject layers with a much needed precision.

The suggestion is to modify the 102160/102161/102164/102165 CRSs by adding the very same TOWGS84 parameters:

for 102160/1


and for 102164/102165


*Old Description:*

The following ESRI-based CRSs are lacking DATUM transformation parameters (ToWGS84):





The trnasformation parameters for these CRSs can be found, for example, in ArcPAD 7 system files, as the one attached.