Bug report #3777

Updated by Alister Hood about 5 years ago

Using Shapefile. 1.7.0 Build #15820. Not sure if GUI is the correct component for this...

1: Attribute Table upward scrolling mouse selection.

Go to last record (bottom).

In Editing Mode or Not In Editing Mode: Left-click on record # and drag up to select records...

(a) Table does not scroll above current extent.

(b) The count of # features selected in the window title bar does not update. This causes problems when trying to run calculations on (apparently) selected records that are not actually selected.

On the other hand, there are no problems when scrolling upward while selecting. This was unexpected.

2: Attribute Table selecting and scrolling with shift key.

Click to select any record.

Shift + Up Arrow or shift+page up/page down does not extend the selection. This was unexpected.