Bug report #11974

Updated by Giovanni Manghi about 4 years ago

The 'Layer Properties > Style > Load min/max values > Accuracy' setting is set to 'Estimate (faster)' by default. The problem is, that this setting can cause significantly wrong calculations of the Histogram and a wrong display of cell values when using the 'Identify Features' button to query cell values. I am wondering if it is a desired behaviour that the rendering and style option settings influence the histogram computation and the 'Identify Features' query? So, I am not sure if this is a bug or only a feature request.

As a quick fix to this, I think the user should have the option to set the Accuracy to 'Actual (slower)' by default. This could be solved similar to how it is possible for 'Limits (minimum/maximum)' in 'Settings > Options > Rendering'. And in my view, the 'Actual (slower)' setting should be the default since it is more important to get a slower correct answer than a quicker wrong answer.

I assigned this ticket to Martin because of his responsibility for the Core Library and the Gui Library. Please change if necessary. Thanks for looking into this.