Feature request #21794

Improvements to Joins/Relates

Added by Brett Carlock over 4 years ago.

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I'd like to see joins/relates made a bit more robust and easy to work on by borrowing some UI/UX concepts from other QGIS components.

1) UI/Layers list indication of join/relate (maybe re-use the Joins icon from the Layer Properties dialog?).
2) UI to copy/paste Joins from one layer to another, similar in UX to how Styles are currently handled. This would include the option to paste some/all joins, much like styles.
3) UI in the Joins part of the Layer Properteries dialog to toggle Joins on and off. Sometimes, it is advantageous to simply disable a join temporarily without having to remove it just to set it up from scratch again completely when needed.
4) Possible rework to Joins list UI. When collapsed, almost no useful information is presented, though there appears to be ample room to expose more info about the join by default.
5) Summary entry visible on Joins panel in Layer Properties that describes the join's success, much like how ArcGIS does. For instance, X out of X records Joined, X records not joined. (This can help troublshoot mis-match for join fields, need to clean data, etc).

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