Feature request #21753

Respect/Set "preferred" units for Layouts View/Map Composer

Added by Brett Carlock about 5 years ago.

Category:Map Composer/Printing
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I have a layout that needs to be ANSI D, and it is defined as such for the page properties.

I am trying to set everything on the page up using Survey Inches (inches in tenths), but all tools default to mm and the ruler (which is very helpful normally) stays in mm, which doesn't help me to easily verify spacing/alignment of features.

Furthermore, my X/Y cursor position display on the bottom right has also remained in mm, again, making it difficult for me to verify my layout by moving the cursor over a point of interest.

Similarly, setting the Grid and guide defaults for Grid spacing and Grid offset are also in mm units, which is inconsistent with my document and preferences for this project. However, being as these are "static" values, there isn't much cost for me to manually convert from survey inches to mm, but I still would prefer for this all to be a bit more seamless.

Use case is re-creating a legacy paper layout in QGIS by using an ANSI Engineer's scale (inches in tenths) designed/destined for print output on ANSI D paper, as is convention here.


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