Feature request #21726

Smarter Style Copy/Paste

Added by Brett Carlock about 5 years ago.

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Currently, the upgraded Style Copy/Paste is a HUGE improvement over the older tool, allowing for some/all pasting of specific attributes. Brilliant!

However, I still feel like it is a bit limited in how it works.

For instance, if I have a roadway network (line geometry) symbolized with Categorized by "CompleteStreetName", I can only copy/paste those exact colors and such to another line layer.

If I have an intersection point layer derived from that same roadway network with those same attribute columns, I can't paste the symbology from the lines to the points (Categorized by "CompleteStreetName" with color value per attribute/row remaining consistent/intact with linear features) to show their relationship easily. Frustrating. These should be translatable between geometry types as they're not defined nor limited in any fashion by the geometry. If Astreetname Drive in the line feature is RGB 255,255,0 I want the Astreetname Drive point features to be RGB 255,255,0 as well.

Same goes for labeling behavior. If the two dissimilar geometries have the same set of columns in common, pasting a style with a label behavior from one to the other should be able to apply. I just want it labeled by "CompleteStreetName" with the same font/background/etc as it was for the linear feature.

In short: I'd like to see the copy/paste style function be a bit more robust with remapping/translating style attributes across the various geometry types, applying what it can, and perhaps warning/silently dropping what it can't. This, I believe, would make keeping consistent styling far easier across various datasets.

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