Feature request #21484

Gracefully handle files on removeable media

Added by Andrew Annex about 5 years ago.

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I have an external SSD with some large raster geotiff basemap files that I use too infrequently to place on my laptop's main drive. However if I have to put my computer to sleep or disconnect the drive, raster layers loaded into qgis do not gracefully handle the case when the drive is re-attached and the files are made available. They will often display distorted views of the data or noise, likely a issue with the way qgis decides to read the file. Raster layers should be more graceful with this behavior, and should "do the right thing" when the drive is reattached and available. Maybe this would require a new "ephemeral raster" layer that could handle this case. In the end I shouldn't have to re-add files just because the program cannot locate them, but the behavior at startup notifying the user of missing rasters is helpful, but may complicate this feature.

I do not know if this macos specific (I am using a mac), but I left the category for this request as unknown, feel free to change.

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