Feature request #19135

[Expressions]Ctrl-click on function should be possible even when there's error in provided parameters

Added by Harrissou Santanna over 5 years ago.

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Pressing Ctrl+click on a function does show its help tab only if the function is well served, with right parameters. No error.
If an error occurs while serving the function you'll get message (sometimes more detailed) such as

function is called with wrong number of arguments

Then you'll need to search the function and read its help to find the right parameters to use.

Given that the first need of the help file is to check what does the function and which parameters to provide, the current logic of blocking the use of ctrl+click until the function is well served looks a bit wrong to me and lower the interest of using such a feature imho. I think that instead of prioritizing the error message (red underline), if the function name is recognized, it should allow ctrl+click to move to its help so that the user directly checks what he's writing (skipping by the way, the reading of the error message + the function search in the functions tree)

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